Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya is the first ecovillage in Poland. For over 20 years our international community has been creating a safe haven, a place where people can learn organic gardening, sustainable living and creative expression through arts and music. This lifestyle is further strengthened by a strong spiritual foundation that is non-denominational and universal.

The focus of our educational Homa Therapy Foundation (NGO) has been sharing the healing, life-transforming tool of Agnihotra, a Vedic science that heals not only mind, body and spirit, but also our environment.

The atmosphere of our ecovillage is infused with high vibrations from these Ayurvedic fires that are performed daily. This energy radiates to heal the Earth and all life – plants, animals and humans. Many people find peace and deep healing here, learn new skills, and return to their homes armed with practical tools with which to transform their lives.

We are building the Centre of Light to be able to better serve the increasing number of people wishing to come and learn. The eco-centre is being built mainly with clay, straw and wood. It will provide a much needed venue where teachers, healers, artists, seekers and pioneers can share their gifts for humanity and for our planet. A place where people receive support for their personal transformation, at a time of great global transformation.  

Join us in building the Centre of Light!

Please help by donating to our building fund!

We need your help to continue to bring this vision into fruition.

Centre of Light will provide a venue for:

  • Ayurvedic Healing techniques to bring Nature back into balance

  • The healing benefits of Agnihotra

  • An ideal place for retreat and reflection in a purified atmosphere

  •  Self-Development Workshops

  •  Experiencing life in our unique Ecovillage

  •  Ecological Building Workshops

  •  Homa Organic Gardening, Agriculture & Beekeeping 

  •  Workshops on how to use wild & organically grown Herbs

  •  Yoga and Meditation for health and stress relief

  •  Creative Arts for Self-expression

  •  Mandala Art Therapy

  •  Music Workshops – Medicine for the Soul

  •  Fire & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

  •  Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Food for wellness & rejuvenation

  •   Classes in Traditional Crafts & Skills

Over the years, we have been able to educate and share our collective skills and environmental healing methods with literally thousands of people. Now has come the time for major expansion in order to accommodate the increasing numbers who wish to learn and experience life at our Ecovillage.

Through our continued practice of ancient Ayurvedic science over the past 20 years, we provide the living proof that we can offer workable solutions which help correct, heal, nourish, and restore balance to whole eco-systems.


In 2018 we finished the natural clay/straw walls with the help of a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers. This spring we completed the exterior insulation and larch wood siding.

We are now also fundraising for the next phase.

This includes: basement external walls, doors and windows, electrical and plumbing installations, clay plaster, floor and ceilings, tiling, heating installation etc.

To achieve that goal we need to raise 35 000 euros 


Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya is a thriving international community in Poland. At present, 14 adults and 3 children reside here. Residents range in age from 9 to 70, and we are an eclectic group of artists, healers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, therapists, gardeners, teachers and herbalists. We are a collection of international pioneers who want to heal the planet from the grassroots up!

From the humble beginnings of two people (Jarek and Parvati) and a dilapidated log cabin, Bhrugu Aranya has grown into a wonderful healing oasis. Today, the ecovillage has beautiful organic gardens, an heirloom apple orchard, and ecologically built log and straw bale houses.

We have honey bees, cows, ducks, cats and dogs and we are dedicated to the practice of non-violence by treating our animals with love and respect and teaching future generations about living harmoniously with nature. We practice healing Vedic fires that bring harmony to the ecovillage and allow us to grow amazing vegetables and potent medicinal herbs.

Our Projects


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If you are from the US and would like a tax deduction:

Please donate through our affiliate NGO in US, Fivefold Path Inc and choose Centre of Light, Poland project.

  • We welcome people to bring their skills to our community too! Should you wish to volunteer your time or skill sets you can find out how by visiting our website here:

What we’ve done already:

  • Building Project Documentation and Permission:
  • Excavation work
  • Foundations and Basement
  • Foundations – form and concrete work
  • Basement walls and floor
  • Insulation
  • Drainage
  • Natural clay/straw walls
  • Skeletal structure and roof
  • Exterior Insulation
  • Larch wood Siding

Present view

To complete the next stage of building we need:

  • Basement Brick walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Metal Flashing
  • Balcony protection

Please help by donating to our building fund!

We need your help to continue to bring this vision into fruition.