What is different about your Ecovillage?

We practice Homa Organic farming which is the backbone of our community. Please read more about Homa Organic Farming

Agnihotra healing fire is performed daily at sunrise and sunset which everybody at Bhrugu Aranya participates in. It is one of the unique and wonderful benefits of staying at this place! Read more about What is Agnihotra

What sort of accommodation is available?

We have rustic-style share accommodation with full kitchen and bathroom facilities.

What sort of food should I expect?

We provide one main meal which is a hearty vegetarian lunch, using our delicious Homa organic vegetables, ecological grains and salads.

We also provide some simple basics for the Wwoofer kitchen. These include: bread, sugar, milk, butter, tea, oats, our own plum jam and apple sauce.

Please be sure to bring what you need for your breakfast and any special snacks you might desire, or you can buy these items in Jordanow on your way up. There is a kitchen in every accommodation.  You can prepare your breakfast and evening meal there. Any food brought onto the property should be only vegetarian. (no meat, chicken, fish or eggs.)

What should I bring?

  • warm sweater and jacket.
  • sunhat and sunglasses.
  • practical shoes for being on a farm.
  • work clothes.
  • all natural toiletries please! (Soap, shampoo… No chemicals.)
  • special foods you need for breakfast and evening snacks.
  • small flashlight (for walking at night)
  • any great movies or music you would like to share.

Do you have internet?

We have wifi available for those with their own computers and you are welcome to use our office computer when convenient.

Can I bring my musical instrument?

We love music and performing in our community we are very happy to have other musicians add to the mix!

Can I bring drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or meat during my stay at Bhrugu Aranya?

We are strictly drug, alcohol, cigarette, and meat free. We ask that you do not bring any of those substances on our land for the duration of your stay.