Over the years we have had countless volunteers come to our Ecovillage to experience our day to day life. Here is some feedback from some of those wonderful people.

Taylor Logsdon from Canada

“The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Bhrugu Aranya was the peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere and magical feeling of the land. It is in the air, in the ancient  apple orchard, the colorful gardens and sacred fire temple. A wonderful community of people look after this place and I was blessed to develop many deep and lasting friendships during my time as a volunteer- with the people living here as well as the animals; who are all so sweet and affectionate.

I learned valuable lessons about myself, community, Homa Therapy, gardening and spiritual ecology during my stay.  I ate delicious meals, played music with friends, went for walks through the woods and- most importantly, got to experience what it is like to contribute to a project and place that serves our planet, humanity and all the beings of nature.  What a great group of humble, dedicated and funny people!
It is a heart-centered place of spirituality, ecology and community centered around the deep healing power of the fires. I thank everyone at Bhrugu Aranya for making my time there so special.”

Dan Konzman from USA

“When I had a free summer between years of studying at university, I wanted to seek out an opportunity to get more in touch with nature and sustainable farming.  I found Bhrugu Aranya and it sounded like a great place to be a part of.

I learned about Agnihotra and organic gardening.  Through both meditation and hard work, I ended up learning far more than I had expected about spirituality and about myself.

Homa therapy opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and gave me new perspective on the world.  Due to the great people and transformative spiritual practices, the summer I spent at the farm is full of memories I will always hold dear.”

Gabriela J. from Germany
Surrounded by the hum of the peaceful bees
I worked in the garden under the heat of August sun
Burying my hands in fertile soil
With temple fire ash between my fingers 
Feeling the pure soul of this ground.
Mountains, magical and majestic on the horizon
Brought me down to my knees in the morning sun
Being humbled before this Nature beauty.
Charmed by the ritual of the Agnihotra fires                
Delighted by the crystal bowls sound
I purified myself, mind and soul.
Here, in the healing Homa atmosphere
I found my love to Poland again,
The country I was born in 50 years ago and
had forgotten for a long time.
The community people, open in their heart and spirit 
Made my spiritual journey unique and unforgettable.
I can still hear the hum of the bees in my dreams.